Their passion is our passion.


The Sushi Chef: Youngmin Choi

Chef Choi brought his experiences from Japan and working at renowned sushi restaurants such as Nobu and BarMasa when creating the menu. The menu is about trying new things, a different style menu – something other cities aren’t necessarily ready for. Chef Choi brings his training in French and Traditional Japanese food together with a touch of Southwestern influence to the menu at MiAn.

From its idyllic perch within a city straddling its past and future, MiAn Sushi & Modern Asian Cuisine is building bridges between tradition and innovation. Our welcoming, yet contemporary decor mirrors our menu, steeped in an array of cultures, yet melded with our own creativity.


Our motivation is simple — explore the future of Asian cuisine by building upon and giving homage to the methods and styles from our past. Chef Choi, trained in Tokyo, and Chef Ian, trained in Taiwan, Seoul, and throughout mainland China, bring more than 50 years of experience pushing the limits of expectation, fusing tastes and presentations unique to MiAn.

Their passion is our passion.

Our name describes us best. Named after owner’s Bin and Ginny An’s young daughter Misha — who began pronouncing her name “Mian” — our restaurant will evolve with new tastes, new ideas, new ingredients, and new unions of flavor. While we hold in our heart the steps taken by our cultural predecessors, we too are making our own path into the future.

Please join us on our journey.